The Takeover of the House of Representatives by the Democrats: What This Could Mean for U.S. Immigration

The results are in and the Democrats have taken control of the House of Representatives while the Republicans still control the Senate.  What does this mean for the President’s immigration plans? The Democrats will likely try to thwart the President’s efforts to enact the immigration changes he has promised.

What I see happening is more gridlock and immigration reform will be a battle in Congress. Any real reform is yet to be seen.  However, Democrats can try to limit the President’s immigration plans through the budgeting process, such as fighting to fund the controversial border wall and also limiting his other immigration plans.  Here is an article from USA Today describing what the Democrat-controlled House could look like in regards to immigration.

Also, something very newsworthy worth mentioning is that a record number of women will serve in Congress following these midterm elections.  Not only that but of those women, a record number will be women of color and a record number of non-incumbent women.