Green Card

My Green Card Will Expire Soon, but I Filed for a Renewal. What Happens if I Don’t Get My Green Card Before My Current One Expires?

If your green card is going to expire soon, and you have already filed for renewal, what happens once your current green card does expire and you don’t have your new green card yet? Fortunately, you’ll be just fine. When you send in your renewal application, USCIS will send you a receipt notice confirming they have received the file and it’s processing. That receipt notice will also serve as an automatic 12-month extension of your current green card. If the expiration date on your green card shows October 1, 2022, that notice autonomically extends it for another 12 months. If you are in this situation and need to show proof of your green card status for work, travel, or other reasons, you can show your expired green card along with the receipt notice.

This is a fairly recent receipt notice that I received for a client of mine who I filed a renewal for. You’ll see in the highlighted area the language regarding the automatic extension.