Green Card,  Policy Change

USCIS Extends Green Card Extensions to 24 Months For Green Card Renewals

On September 28, 2022, USCIS announced effective September 26, 2022, they will automatically extend green cards for an additional 24 months for those who have filed for a renewal. Green card holders who have applied to renew their expired or expiring green cards will receive a 24-month extension notice, which used to be 12 months. For those who applied for renewal prior to September 26, USCIS should be sending new receipt notices to reflect the 24-month extension.

To renew a green card, the earliest a renewal can be sent is within 6 months before the current green card expires. Almost all green card renewals are never approved within 6 months (unless you get super lucky), so that leaves people with an expired green card while they’re waiting for their renewed green card. This 24-month extension notice along with the expired green card serves as proof that the person does have valid green card status, which will allow them to continue working and will allow them to travel outside the U.S. while they are waiting for their new green card.